Malcrove is a trusted cyber defense agency specialised in malware threat defense and offensive security.

The goal at Malcrove has always been to outperform in everything we do. Building on our experience, talent, skills and core values has made this company what it is today. With advanced technology capabilities and experienced professionals we offer guidance in securing our customers against today cyber threats.
Who we are

Malcrove is a cyber defense agency founded by security experts with a strong foothold in The Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates. Due to the ever increasing threat landscape and advancement in attack techniques, Malcrove’s co-founders realised the need for high quality cyber defense services in the Middle East region, aiding clients in combating the evolving cyber threat landscape from a holistic approach.

What we do better

We deliver integrated end-to-end cyber defense services complemented with threat intelligence that can support you in driving business decisions. Take advantage in maturing the security posture of your organization with our security assurance, advanced penetration testing and compromise assessment services.

When you need us

Malcrove is available to help out when you pursue a higher cyber defense maturity level or experience an increased risk of threat actors. You can reach out to us if you foresee for example a presence of suspicious network activity, need support to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements or require dedicated professionals in your organization to strengthen your cyber defense department.

Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

Malcrove provides a continuous monitoring and response service on malware defense, anomaly behaviour and vulnerability management to effectively resist attacks against your IT infrastructure and critical assets. Our CDC complements your cyber defense strategy with security awareness and threat intelligence that characterise the susceptible attack surface and potential motivations of adversaries.

Rapid response

Malcrove offers the capability to assist you with effective digital forensics and incident response (DFIR), and malware analysis. This service delivery entails the investigation of malware infections like ransomware attacks and advanced compromise assessments to answer your key question 'Am I breached?'.

Advanced technology solutions

With a range of cutting-edge and proven technologies, Malcrove empowers its clients to detect, stop and act on advanced cyber threats that traditional security technologies and first-generation APT defense systems miss. We make these technologies and required knowledge, support and operational readiness available for your organization.

Our MalCERT Emergency Response is available 24/7.

We conduct a brief incident analysis from our cyber defense center in Dubai, and subsequently instigate an incident response engagement on your site as per direct.

Be prepared to counter attacks on your IT infrastructure.

Introducing our advanced Cyber Defense Center to the Middle East region.

Take control over your security challenges with our Cyber Defense Center service to successfully cope up with today’s and future cyber threats.

We help our customers to timely detect, validate, and prevent malware infections in their IT infrastructure. With a team of highly skilled cyber defense experts and a specialized portfolio of malware threat defense technology, we offer a 24/7 managed service model operated from our CDC in Dubai that takes care of the security challenges of our customers.

Meet us.

Advanced malware defense services that exceeds all expectations.

Let us demonstrate the existence of malware intrusion in your network, and provide you valuable insight on how our services can contribute in improving your organization’s cyber defense posture. Reach out to us to gain insight in how our technology can help in maturing your cyber defense posture.

Schedule today a meeting with us to demonstrate you the power behind our technology capabilities.