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We aid clients in combating the evolving cyber threat landscape from a holistic approach. xNOT/xIF, xNOT/xWHEN.

About us

Where we come from

Malcrove is a cyber defense agency founded by security experts from the UAE and the Netherlands. Due to the ever increasing threat landscape and advancement in attack techniques, Malcrove’s co-founders realised the need for high quality cyber defense services in the Middle East region. With professionals specialized in malware forensics, incident response and capability driven testing, Malcrove delivers solutions to mitigate cyber security threats effectively.

Our drive

Where we believe in

The goal at Malcrove has always been to outperform in everything we do. Building on our experience, talent, skills and core values has made this company what it is today. With advanced technology capabilities and experienced professionals we offer guidance in securing our customers against today cyber threats.

Malcrove team members put their heart and effort into all the good that our organisation does for customers and society. We genuinely care about the success of our customers to put together the right people, processes and technical capabilities to meet their vision on cyber defense.

Client partnerships

We believe that clients are partners in combating the evolving threat landscape. Our customer satisfaction materialises in a truly and trusted relationship that allows us to prove our capabilities over and over again.

Corporate entrepreneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship and knowledge is key to bring success to our customers. We are perfectionists at heart and creative by nature. We have fun in our work and think outside the box.

People influence

Every single person from our CEO to consultant, strategist, technology guru, business developer and marketeer has an influence on the work Malcrove delivers.

Cultural growth

We encourage a culture of imagination, loyalty, passion, fun and a willingness to keep gaining knowledge and not settling for “good enough”; whereby innovation and success will follow.

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Delivering true value through specialised human capital

Our technologists

At Malcrove we strive to deliver advanced malware defense and offensive security services that exceed your expectation.
The Advisor
Security Advisory Services

Deliver advisory based recommendations that enable customers to improve their processes, people engagement and technology support from a holistic approach.

The Pentester
Capability Driven Testing

While others try to build something up, our penetration testers gain excitement from breaking things. And this is where our added value comes in part, exposing your weaknesses before the bad guys do.

The Forensic Analyst
Digital Forensics and Incident Response

With our DFIR service we investigate, analyse and report on malicious activities that happened in your infra network. Our recommendations aim to answer the key question 'Am I breached?'.

The Security Analyst
Cyber Defense Center

We support our customers to prevent, detect, monitor and follow-up on security incidents. Whether it's onsite in your premise, or remotely from our SOC in Dubai; we are here to secure.

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